Era of creative management Daekyo Group believes that ‘the people of talent’ is the core competitive power which made Daekyo to build the most optimized HR system to acquire, efficient usage and to develop ‘the people of talent’. Daekyo also puts ‘the people of talent’ centered management on the front burner. Daekyo Group has been putting its best effort to provide members windows of opportunities to make their dreams come true. The talents of Daekyo Group continuously develop and moving forward, powered by ‘Warm sensitivity that brings human and nature together with love’, ‘Cool rationality’ and ‘Future creation, driven by passion’. The talented people of Daekyo are, Fascination talent having both professionalism and morality With continuous self developing and moral training, this attractive talent well manages her/his meaningful work and life through professionalism and high morality. Not to mention being loved by colleagues and clients. Creative and Challenging talent This talent executes her/his work carries out the tasks with outstanding creativity and passion by bringing out their well planning and challenging mind. Executive talent with enjoying tasks. This sincere talent truly enjoys her/his work by having positive mind and strong execution power. Talent with leadership - an abilith of being considerate of others This talent holds an excellent leadership with considerate of others as well as ability to work as a team, excellent communication skill and global sensibility.