Healthy People / Healthy Family / Healthy Society. We always put people before anything else and create a prosperous tomorrow by infusing various values and inspirations into today. Core value (ideological value). Respecting people. Emphasizing the basics. Growing with Learning by teaching. Leading the future prosperity. Motto(Behavioral Value). Live an honest life. Live a diligent life. Pursue a dream.
The most specialized whole-man education service provider in the world The advanced green innovative group pursuing coexistence development. In the World. We leap forward to be the most competitive education service provider in the world 
highly leveraging by strong presence as the nation’s no.1 education company. The Most Specialized. We provide the highest level of specialized services through various education delivery methods such as self-directed learning, smart learning, etc. Whole-man Education Service Provider. We aim at the top-notch social education service provider that offers whole-man education on knowledge, sound mind, and sound body. Pursuing Coexistence Development. We contribute to employees, customers, shareholders, nation and human being as managing the company with coexistence development spirit. The Advanced. We will lead the new way in business, technology, organizational culture. Green Innovative Group. We will be the Green Innovative Group leading a green growth by diversifying its business into bio, environment, IT, leisure with whole-man education service.